Digital Pink Auto Insurance Card

Digital Pink Auto Insurance Cards are Now Available in Ontario!

We’ve all heard the expression: “There’s an app for that!”

Ontario motorists can now use that very same expression when talking about accessing and producing their auto insurance slips. This is because digital pink insurance cards are now available in Ontario!

For the first time, that same level of convenience that consumers have when using their smartphones to interact with retailers, banks, taxis, and other businesses is now available to insured Ontario drivers.

Digital Pink Cards: An Evolution in Insurance Customer Service

According to a recent study, 76% of Canadians owned a smartphone in 2016, a 38% increase over 2014. With this surge in smartphone ownership came innovations that made common transactions easier for millions of Canadians, such as depositing cheques, booking flights, or ordering dinner.

Since 2012, 75% of states in the US have adopted regulations surrounding the use of digital insurance cards, including guidelines on protecting the user’s privacy when giving their phone to a police officer, as well as on seeking damages should the police officer damage the smartphone during the insurance inspection process.

Based on the US experience and increasing local consumer demand, the Ontario government included the development of digital pink cards in their 2017 budget. In August 2017, the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) announced the completion of the digital pink card solution to be rolled out through its carrier and broker members. It’s now available to insured drivers right across Ontario.

Why Should We Use Digital Pink Insurance Cards?

If you’ve ever been asked for your insurance information by a police officer, you know it can be rattling experience.

What can make matters worse is if you can’t locate your insurance card right away. Did you put it under the sun visor? Is it stuffed under books, papers, and other items in your glove box? Or maybe you forgot to take it to your car, and it’s still sitting in the envelope on your kitchen table?

Digital insurance cards, also known as eSlips, make the experience of insurance inspection a little less stressful because you’ll always know where your card is. They also offer several other significant benefits over their paper counterparts:

  • Always accessible: Your personal insurance information is always with you, and not left behind in your vehicle
  • Convenience: When you need proof of auto insurance, it can be quickly displayed with a few clicks, and without rooting through your car for that small paper slip
  • Faster delivery: Your electronic card can be delivered or updated in seconds, instead of waiting for that paper slip in the mail
  • Fraud reduction: Paper slips have been known to be fraudulently replicated, something nearly impossible with a digital card
  • Privacy: The digital card is kept in your digital wallet, and can be displayed without unlocking your smartphone, protecting your privacy

How Can Ontario Drivers Get the Digital Pink Insurance Cards?

Merit Insurance customers can get access to the digital insurance card by downloading MyMerit, our new mobile app that gives you secure, on-the-go access to your online accounts at your fingertips.

If you need to present your insurance information anywhere, anytime, simply launch the app to display your card. It only takes a few clicks and you’re all set!

The MyMerit app also makes it easy to:

  • Start a Claim: If you’ve been in an accident, you can fill in claim forms, recreate the accident scene, take pictures, and submit everything at the same time with a single click
  • Find Local Services: Easily find and contact services you need in a pinch, such as a a tow truck, taxi, auto mechanic, or collision centre
  • Access Your Policy Information: Fast, secure access to all of your Merit policies in one place, including deductibles, coverages, and more
  • Request an Information Change: Request to update your personal information, add a new vehicle, or even change policies with just a few clicks
  • Get in Touch: One-click access to immediately get in touch with a Merit broker

Managing your account, policies, and claims information in one place has never been easier. Download the app for Android, iOS, or Blackberry now!

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